Calderglen High School, High Common Road, St Leonards, East Kilbride, G74 2LP


Parachute fun

Parachute fun

The EK Hangout is unique; it’s the only club in East Kilbride for young adults aged 18-25 with disabilities.

It offers social activities and a safe non-threatening environment for friendships to blossom.

Post school often leaves young adults with physical or learning difficulties feeling isolated. Routinely established friendships fade, as unlike their mainstream peers, most struggle to manage independently.

The club is run by parents of a distinctive group of young people with a purpose of providing a community based club where they can meet new friends and experience new activities.

EK Hangout's Got Talent

EK Hangout’s Got Talent

The club has grown and developed over the past year and has become a weekly highlight for these young people. Their confidence and self-esteem has grown and for some a huge void has been filled. Improving social skills and experiencing activities with their peers has a hugely positive impact on these young people, making their lives more fulfilled and happy!